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The summer is officially upon us! You know what that means…longer days, sunburn, flip flops, ice cream, and for the kids – no school! So you’re probably looking a way to entertain the kids and (as usual) DDMA has your back!

Here’s the official DDMA Guide to the best kid’s wood-oriented crafts! And even better – they’re all on Amazon! Hello, 2-day shipping.


Kids Craft Guide


  1. Bird Feeder Kit – 

    • This birdhouse and feeder is perfect for ages 5 and up! Each kit comes with pre-cut wood, screws, nails, and instructions for the whole family to build. It’s a great opportunity to see what kind of birds can fly into your backyard! It even comes with paints and brushes to decorate, and if you want to go crazy add some stickers from item #6!
  2. Wooden Cars Set

    • Create your toy race car with this kit! For ages 6 and up, you can build your car with the provided glue and go crazy with the decoration! Paint, brushes, and stickers included.
  3. Insect Box

    • Catch some fireflies and keep them in this harmless “cage”. Measuring at 4″x 4″, it’s the perfect size to study some crawling creatures! Maybe even paint it or decorate it with item #6 or #7!
  4. Wooden Plane Set

    • With the glue included in this kit, making your plane is easy! This kit comes with 4 paint colors and 47 stickers. All you need is your imagination to make it fly!
  5. Colored Popsicle Sticks

    • No assembly required here! Decorate these Popsicle sticks however you want. Make a puppet. Make a car. Build a house!
  6. Stickers

    • Here are 2,300+ stickers for less than $10. These could entertain the kids for hours.
  7. Crayola Acrylic Paint

    • Good to paint the firefly home or a regular piece of paper! This kid-safe acrylic paint is all sorts of useful. 


So if you’re looking for something to do with your kiddies this summer, hopefully, our guide helped! From everyone at DDMA – we wish you a very happy summer!

Photo credit to Amazon. 

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